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Anchors & Epoxy

From Anchor Bolts to Wedge Bolts, we offer many different options and manufacturers for your anchoring needs to help you find the right anchor for the job. 

Do you have your copy of our Customer Guide yet? 

Contact us to get your copy of this valuable resource! Includes parts identification tutorial, term glossary, list of products offered and more! 


Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us, as we have access to many different anchor products. 

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Dewalt tools.png
Brighton-Best-Proferred-Logo-290x164 Cro
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Imported Anchors Available.jpg
Wedge Anchors.jpg
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Manufacturer Catalogs

RedHead Catalog.jpg
Powers Anchor Selection Chart.jpg
Red Head Tapcon Anchors Flyer.JPG
DeWalt Buyers Guide.JPG
DeWalt - Technical Guide for Adhesive An
Simpson Strong Tie Fastener Guide 2018.J
DeWalt Cast In Place Concrete Inserts -
Simpson Anchoring Fastening and Restorat
DeWalt Injection Adhesives (Epoxy) Broch
Simpson Blue Banger Hanger.JPG
DeWalt Technical Guide for the Design Pr
Anchor It Epoxy - Express Flyer.jpg
Western States CYW Structural Fasteners
BBI Domestic Anchor Catalog.JPG
Concrete Screws Tapcons.jpg
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