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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Tired of the stress and financial burden of running out of vital parts? WE CAN HELP! 

The Average Cost to a Company for Managing and Generating a Purchase Order Can Exceed $200*


* Click Here for source

How Are We Different?

We offer Full Service VMI through Business Edge. This advanced integrated program allows the user to maintain inventory levels through a small USB scanner or an app installed on their IOS or Android device.

Quick Look:


Planning & Scheduling functions for regularly used products.


Receiving transactions for incoming material. 


Purchase Order / Receipts matching process & reduces number of invoices to process. 


Necessity to maintain delivery information. Express Fasteners is responsible for maintaining Proof of Delivery information. 


Easy To Implement, Easy To Use! 

• Fill only the product you need, eliminating overstock and

   dead product

• Reduces, if not eliminates, out of stock emergencies on

   vital parts

• Variety of inventory reports available

• Reduces the amount of purchase orders and invoices,

   saving in processing costs

• Lightweight and easy to use bar code scanner is portable

   and convenient

• Reduces the time & cost of ordering and receiving 

How Do You Get Started?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the specific needs of your business. Our program offers customization options for improved efficiency and satisfaction.


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