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About Us


Express Fasteners, Inc.

​​​​has remained mostly unchanged over the years, supplying the construction & manufacturing industries with quality products delivered on time, and with a knowledgeable staff who can accurately answer nearly any question relating to fasteners. 


The company, originally known as Express Fastener Distributors, was founded in 1992 by Steven Urban. With the support & encouragement of many people that he had come to know in the business, including both customers and vendors, Express Fastener Distributors was off and running!   

We have been able to consistently impress our clientele with the ability to meet their needs, whether it be VMI - Bin Stocking /  Blanket Ordering / Last Minute Needs / Hard to Find /  or Custom Designed products. Express Fasteners is able to adapt and manage those needs that concern each and every customer.  We, as a family owned business, want to make our customers feel like they are family as well. In 2008 Express Fastener Distributors incorporated and became what we are today: Express Fasteners Inc.



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Our Team

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Steve 2.jpg



Founder / CEO

Started the company out of his garage with a passion for providing 1st class service and solutions for our customers' fastening needs.


Now semi-retired from running the day to day operations, Steve has more time to pursue his passion for cars and travel, as well as time playing with his band, Last Shot.

Office: (909) 989-5557 x 10





Vice President

Started with a passion for business and the ever changing world of technology and its usage to create a more integrated supply chain.


When he isn't working, Chris enjoys playing ice hockey, hiking, time at the beach, attending concerts, and spending time with his dog, a doberman named Kona.

Cell Phone: (909) 543-8227

Office: (909) 989-5557 x 11




Director of Operations & Accounting

With a near flawless reputation of getting things done, and while wearing many hats, she also has over 12 years experience in the industry and a degree to back all of it up.


Out of the office, Valerie wears just as many hats - juggling her wedding & party planning business, her direct sales of hair care products business, and living the life by winning concert tickets and travelling to see her Patriots play football.

Office: (909) 989 - 5557 x 12

Deanna 2.jpg




Director of Business Development

With several years in the industry and a strong construction, marketing and administration  background, she provides assistance in Sales and Operations while overseeing our Marketing efforts. 

In her spare time, Deanna enjoys spending time with her husband and kids - including weekends exploring amusement parks, museums, and other adventures in their neighborhood and the  surrounding area.

Office: (909) 989-5557 x 15





Director of Sales

With his remarkable ability to solve problems quickly and knowledge of fasteners he has been quick to create career long relationships based on reliability and trust.


In his free time, Brent enjoys spending time with his wife and two young kids.

Cell Phone: (909) 816-0426




Account Manager

Bringing experience from various facets in the fastener industry, he utilizes his knowledge  to help our customers find the right fastener solution for their project.


In his free time, Sergio likes spending time with his kids, including playing baseball with them. He also follows the LA Chargers as their #1 Super Fan. He is an auto enthusiast;  enjoying trucks, motorcycles, and muscle cars.

Office: (909) 989-5557 x 13




Director of Warehouse Operations

Spending most of his life running various aspects of a warehouse has made managing warehouse operations practically a part of his DNA. His extensive knowledge and experience has helped to streamline and improve our inventory systems.


When he isn't travelling the aisles of our warehouse, Marciano enjoys spending time outdoors with his kids. He is an avid fisherman and loves fishing for bass. 

Office: (909) 989-5557 



Director of Logistics

With a career dedicated to logistics management, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps set us apart from the competition. 

When he isn't battling traffic, Keith enjoys hiking and building homes (he's built 3 of his homes so far!). , and he is an avid football fan - go Giants! 

Office: (909) 989-5557

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