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Cutting Tools as Sophisticated as the Machines that Run Them

Precision cutting tools, manufactured to exacting standards for the express purpose of reducing cost per hole. Includes twist drills, carbide burs, taps and dies, reamers, carbide tipped hole-cutters, countersinks and more. From tiny micro-drills to 3-1/2” taper shank drills.

Champion drills are industrial quality. Not to be confused with common “drill bits”, Champion twist drills are engineered to generate the lowest cost-per-hole. Champion taps produce close-tolerance threads for secure fastening of components. Champion carbide burs are available in double-cut style with Titanium Nitride coating for smooth, long-lasting performance. Champion reamers, end mills, countersinks and tool bits provide smooth, precise parts. 

The quickest method for portable drilling large diameter holes in steel is with Champion carbide tipped hole-cutters. Available from 9/16 to 5” diameter, they are available in a range of sets for the professional.

Champion Cutting Tools Product Catalog

Champion Cutting Tool Corp has been dedicated to serving professionals with industrial grade products and services since 1897.  During World War II, Champion supplied the U.S. military with twist drills and countersinks.  Following the war, the product range was expanded to include a broader range of drills, end mills, taps, dies, annular cutters, magnetic drill presses and masonry tools, all engineered for maximum performance.  

Innovative Solutions

Providing tools that increase productivity and deliver exceptional results is what drives their team.  Champion Cutting Tool Corp is recognized for their Champion, Brute Platinum, ProLine and RotoBrute brands, which are engineered to last longer, cut more holes, and deliver better work-piece finish.  Champion serves many markets including steel fabrication, manufacturing, construction, plumbing, HVAC, welding and electrical.


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